Here we go… I am pleased to announce that I have signed, and the new EP, “To Live And Die In Your Arms” will be released August 19th on Noble Steed Music! This really has been a long time in the making and I am super stoked to be in such great company as Tony Lucca, Andrea Nardello, Honor By August, Brendan James, Matt Duke and a slew of others. Thank you all for your continued support and kind words- I literally could not do this without you. I will no doubt see you all very soon…



Phoenix clock

Wow, it’s been a while. Just wanted to give ya an update as to where I am at…

I recently went down to Nashville and put the finishing touches on the record. A few guitars, harmonies, bells and whistles later and my part was over- it was out of my grubby little mitts and into the very capable hands of Dave Pittenger. Since then he has been fast at work mixing everything, and making me sound like I know what I am doing, as well as tracking down special players and instruments for the perfect atmosphere for some of these tunes…

I also recently played a rare home show at The Webster Theatre in Hartford, CT. I love playing here and they always take care of me. A big thank you to everyone that came out and had a blast with me. Thank you to the crew for putting up with my crowd, and thank you to everyone for letting me try out a bunch of new material. Y’all seemed to like it, so if ya didn’t, I guess thank you for making me think you did.

So what now? Today I recieved some final mixes of the new songs and it is SO CLOSE to being done! A few more mixes, a hopefully quick mastering session and boom, we have a record ladies and gents. From there I will be uploading it for a few weeks for all the amazing kickstarter pledgers to get a first listen while it’s off being pressed. As soon as I get those I will be sending it out along with all the other cool stuff you guys got in the kickstarter, as well as getting it to as manydifferent places for review. We also have some things in the works that if they work out… oh, oh man… you’ll be proud of your ol’ friend Jer.

I know I keep saying this, but you couldn’t possibly know what it means to me so I will say it again: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! It means the world to me and I wouldn’t be able to do this without you. 

See you soon. 


Hey guys, just wanted to give ya a heads up- I have let one of the cats out of the bag, and released the cover art for the new record! Hoping to have this in your hands soon… Here ya go!

cover 53


Happy New Year! Those of you that know me know my reputation of lateness, so actually I am right on time with this one. 

This year was a tough one but we are all still here- a little more bruised but here never the less. Thank you to everyone who made this year easier to get through, your support means the world!

2014 promises to be a pretty big year with the new record coming out, and hopefully some new tourdates to tell you all about soon! Seriously, I feel like I haven’t seen you guys in forever… I promise I am doing my damnedest to rectify that. I CAN NOT WAIT to get these new tunes to you all…

Miss ya, love ya, blah blah blah… see you soon


Just a quick update: I have gotten a few mixes back for the new record and DAMN I can’t wait for you all to hear this! I will have some updates soon I swear- everything from new merch designs to sneak peaks of the tunes to unveiling the cover art. 

I hope you guys love it!


I am home. Tired, battling the remnants of a cold that was not too pleasant, and working on the recharge my batteries so desperately need. But before I get to all of that, I wanted to tell you about the incredible time I had making what I believe to be the BEST RECORD I HAVE EVER BEEN A PART OF. I simply can't wait for you guys to hear everything we did. 

For those of you that don't know, I had the pleasure of recording with Dave Pittenger who in addition to being a sweet and funny guy is a FUCKING MONSTER of a producer. This was something that was actually in the works a while back- I have known Dave for a while, but when we met to talk about working together he was great. From the word go he not only shared the vision I had for these songs but had great ideas on improving them. Many thanks to Dave and Jason Spiewak for setting this up.

I came to Nashville (my newest crush) and within an hour of landing we had started on this thing. Dave has the same relentless work ethic that I do, and it shows in his results. Everything about the process was a ton of fun and between impromptu buisness meetings and Chipotle breaks the time seemed to fly by. Before I knew it these songs- these sketches that I hadn't really played for too many people, started to not only sound great but better than I thought they would have. I orginally saw this as a very intimate record, one where I wouldn't be accompanied by much more than a guitar and some kick drum…. nope. This thing has grit, dirt, and feeling. It has whatever it needed to. 

Most of you got that this was going to be not only a special project but a very personal one. I guess my songs are always a part of me but these were directly about what I had been going through the last few years of my life. I can tell you that I have never been so honest and open and as scary a thing that was, it was cathartic tenfold. What surprised me about the way they turned out was how powerful they are. Each in their own way, each with it's own vibe, these are emotions I have worked my whole career to try and convey… let me just say- these songs bring the heavy…

And the heavy they bring, wouldn't be possible without some HUGE drums behind them. So who better to get behind that kit than one of my favorite people in the world: The mighty Joe Barrick from the amazing Sam Grow Band. I have been so lucky to know these guys for the incredible talents they are, as well as the amazing people they are. Joe was gracious to come down and straight up MURDER these tunes for me- most of which he hadn't even heard before. Know that as great as I think they are (hopefully you'll all agree), they are that much better due to his incredible playing.

So now we wait. The record is being mixed and mastered, and I should have something relatively soon. The amazing people who backed the Kickstarter will get the first taste, and the rest of you will just have to wait. I hope you are as excited to hear them as I am to get them heard. 

I'll have updates soon, and I will be announcing new shows hopefully sooner (I have some pretty awesome things in the works..). Thank you again to everyone who made this possible. I love you all more than you could know.

To Live And Die In Your Arms…. not soon enough.

Be well,


So it's been a few days and I am still awe-struck. Thank you to everyone that pitched on the Kickstarter campaign! Not only did we meet the goal, we went soaring right past it. I am not saying this to sound corny or anything, but I honestly thought that it wouldn't work so seeing all of you get on board was both surprising and inspiring. I couldn't be happier that it's over as it was a pretty stressful endeavor, but I did get a pretty warm and fuzzy feeling every time my phone lit up to tell me someone else had backed. You guys are simply put: the best.

Now that it's over, I can announce that I will be heading to Nashville in a few weeks to get started on this thing. There is still much to do- Pre production, tracking, mixing, mastering, album artwork, and a slew of other stuff, but I am hoping this will be done and out by the end of the year. To those of you that backed, you will obviously have some new tunes coming your way soon!

I will update from the studio and keep you guys posted on the progress. It's a pretty-racking thing to make a record as you have put every ounce of your tired and bruised soul into these songs (at least you are damn well supposed to) and you have to trust someone to get them across the best way possible. After much thought and deliberation, I have found a producer that I think will do that, and got what I wanted to do with these songs since day one. It's going to be an honor to work with him.

So that's it for now. Everyone stay safe, and I will talk to you all soon. 

Be well


Finally back and rested from IOP. Thank you to everyone that came out to support the acts, and the great musicians that were on the bill. 

Still a few days left on that Kickstarter campaign, it would mean the world if you would check it out.

See you guys when I see ya.


As I type this I am about 5 minutes from walking out the door and heading to the beach for this years HOTEL CAROLINA festival! This thing is always a ton of fun, and this years line up is great. My friends Ernie Halter, Sam Grow Band, Ken Yates, and a slew of others… GO. TO. THIS. FESTIVAL. There are still a few tickets left, so head here to get them. 

Also, there are only a few short days to get those pledges in to help make my new record! We are doing ok so far, but I would love to see this thing get over the top SOON. Remember, if we don't at least hit the mark, we don't get any of it. Please check out the Kickstarter when you have a chance, and please tell your friends… 

See ya soon.


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